Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.

Weather View 32

Full-Featured Weather Observing Solution
  • Automatic data acquisition and storage
  • Climatological database of over 8200 locations in the US with daily record data
  • Calculated parameters include: wind chill, dew point, rate of change, and heat index
  • Publish your weather information on the internet as images and/or html pages
  • Receive notification of alarm trips via audible, email, or pager
  • View and print a variety of graphs and four standard types of reports
  • Customize the real-time screen's size and color, or assign a user-defined image as the background
Professional Edition
  • All features enabled. Upload images as often as every five minutes. Use HTML parsing. Download METAR data, forecasts and satellitel images from the internet. Email current conditions of any or all sensor's current conditions hourly. 
Client Edition
  • A companion product to Weather View 32 Professional. The Client version lets any workstation on a network where Weather View 32 is installed and active to access the archived and current weather data in real time.
Hardware Requirements
  • Pentium class processor or equivalent 
  • 32 MB if no internet features used, 48 MB otherwise
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space
  • High color or better video card, mouse, and CD-ROM Drive
  • RS-232 (serial) Port to connect to weather station 
  • Windows operating system