Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.


Upload Your Weather Directly to the Web!

Weather impacts all facets of your life and monitoring it is important not only for compliance, but also for safety. The RWS-Solar is not only the first weather instrument that can upload data directly to the web, but it is the only instrument that is easy and cost effective to use in remote locations. If you want to retrieve weather from a remote location – the RWS is your solution. How do we make this happen? The unit receives power from a solar panel mounted on the station. The RWS communicates with the TWI Data Center via the Verizon and/or Sprint cellular network. The TWI Data Center then forwards data to Wunderground.com, and/or Txwx.com. The TWI Data Center will host your data so no infrastructure is needed from you. The windows program Weather View 32 Home is included with the weather station. The Weather View 32 program will show current readings, log, and graph your data. You can also upload directly to Wunderground.com, that will log and graph your data on their website that can be seen worldwide. The weather station arrives pre-configured so the user will only have to power on the unit to start transmitting data. Try our state-of- the art equipment – the technology and costs will continually beat our competitors.