Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.


Network Weather Station    

The Network Weather Station (NWS) is an internet based wireless weather station that allows the user to upload local weather information directly to the Web. No computers are necessary! Weather data is gathered by the outdoor sensors and fed into the Texas Weather Instruments Outdoor Controller. The Outdoor Controller transmits the data via a wireless signal to the Indoor Web-Server plugged into the internet. The data can be viewed on the Indoor Web sever by any computer, tablet or smart phone attached to the local network. Another added benefit is that the Indoor Web-server can also send data directly to wunderground.com displaying your weather station’s current and historical weather data on this popular website! The included weather application WeatherView32 can also gather, display and log your weather data to your Windows computer. This station can be powered two different ways. The NWS Standard is powered externally by a wall transformer. The NWS Solar is power by a solar panel with a battery.