Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.


Weather Logging System

The WLS-8000 includes industrial sensors (high resolution wind,temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, solar and  rainfall).Weatherview 32 software, RS 232 output, 12 hour back-up power supply and data logging capability is also included. Lightning, leaf wetness and multiple com ports are available options. A complete range of instruments and accessories are available from. The WLS-Network adds network connectivity, including uploading data directly to Weather Underground™ without a computer.

• WLS-8000 Display Console                                                            
• TE Wind Direction and Speed Sensor
• Barometric Pressure Sensor
• Solar Radiation Sensor
• 8”TE Rain Collector
• Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Shield
• Junction Box
• RS-232 Cable
• 120’ Sensor Cables to Junction Box
• Three Year Limited Warranty
• TWICAL - for testing and calibration
• Weather View 32 for Windows
Optional Sensors
• Lightning and Leaf Wetness
Standard Features
Industrial Sensors
4000 Lines of Logged Data
Large Digital Display
Non-Volatile Memory and Clock
12 Hour Uninterruptable Power Supply
Logs Data to Memory - 4000 lines
Fully Addressable via RS-232
Weather View for Windows
Real Time Data Output:
(English or Metric)
Tame and Date
Wind Direction and Speed - instant or average
Outdoor and Indoor Temperature
Solar Radiation
Barometric Pressure
Daily, Monthly,Term Rain - Rainfall Rate
Heat Index
Dew Point
Daily Minimums and Maximums
Console Size: 12”wide, 7” tall, 6” deep        
Barometer 24 to 34 in. hg + - .03hg        
Wind Speed 0-120 mph
Wind Direction 0-360                                  
Temperature -70.0 to 140.0 F + - 1%      
Humidity 0-100% + - 3%
Solar Radiation 0 to 1400 W/m2                 
Rainfall 0.00 to 999 inches
Same features as WLS-8000 but has internal network board installed. Network board does not log data due to data being uploaded to the network.